Warrior WS188 Solar Friendly 12/24V DC Refrigerator

Warrior Solar friendly fridge/freezers have been designed to meet the harsh conditions of the Australian market. Our technicians have incorporated a dedicated night function into the range to conserve more energy when the fridge is not being used.

The fridges arrive ready to connect to 12 or 24 volt supply, using approximately 40Ah per day / 0.5kWh / 20Wh (based on 12 volt supply)!

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Solar Friendly Upright Fridge/Freezer

Total Capacity 184 Ltr
Freezer Capactiy 48Ltr
Fridge Capacity 136 Ltr

External Dimensions:
W600mm x D595mm x H1380
Weight 50kg
Electrical Connection 12volt or 24volt
Light LED
Hinged on the right
Adjustable Feet
Dedicated Night Function