Gas Fridges & Freezers

The Warrior range of gas fridges are designed for complete RELIABILITY.

Manufactured for RELIABILITY.

We know that gas fridges are used in remote locations and off-grid systems, so we have developed our gas fridge range to be dependable, so the only thing you need to worry about is what to put in them!

  • Quality Warrior Absorption Cooling units tested by qualified gasfitters
  • Reliable Tropical “T” rating for Australian conditions
  • Thermostat controlled to suit your environment
  • No electricity needed for LPG/Propane operation
  • All tested in our Australian workshop
  • 24/7 support line manned by qualified gas fitters

Warrior GAS friendly fridges use apporximately 3-5 45kg gas bottles per year depending on size. Gas usage also varies depending on ambient temperatures.

Warrior GAS friendly fridge/freezers are market leading and cost effective. We should know, we have been repairing and servicing them for over 10 years!

Why Gas fridges & freezers?

We’ve found that the two most important advantages of gas fridges for our customers are that there are no moving parts meaning amazing reliability, and incredible efficiency.
A gas fridge uses a combination of water, ammonia and hydrogen gas as well as lpg. Through a very simple process, heat is absorbed and a liquid solution is evaporated, providing a cooling effect. Gas fridges are very popular with people living off the grid in remote locations, as well as travellers that don’t always have access to a power source.