Mini Bar Fridges

Warrior's mini bar fridge range are not your average mini bars!

Why? They are definitely superior quality to anything you will find anywhere in Australia, and they are super quiet….shhhh!

These silent little operators are perfect for those tranquil places that you like to escape to – your favourite air conditioned hotel rooms. If they don’t have Warrior Absorption Mini Bars, then you have not experienced the peace of mind that these fridges offer. So ask for them by name! 

Why Silent Mini Bars?

Warrior mini bars are great for many applications. Their sleek, compact design makes them perfect for small spaces, while their tune is silent. They are not just your average minibar.
These fridges do not run on compressors but an absorption diffusion process. Designed for air-conditioned rooms, hotel guests are guaranteed a quiet night sleep with this mini bar. Efficient, silent and stylish, our diffusion mini bar fridges will make a great impression on your guests. Quality and reliability are just some of our core objectives at Warrior.

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