Solar Friendly Fridges

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Our range of class leading solar friendly fridges are designed and manufactured with EFFICIENCY in mind.

Warrior’s Solar range place as little strain on your precious power supply as possible. Designed in Australia for the Australian climate – perfect for maintaining your precious power supply: 

  • Low power draw
  • quality SECOP compressors
  •  Tropical “T” Rating for performance in the toughest conditions
  • Thermostat controlled to suit your environment
  • Warrior “night function” to truly conserve your energy
  • All tested in our Australian workshop

We develop our fridges to place as little strain as possible on your solar supply, giving you peace of mind and freedom to enjoy your lifestyle.

Why Solar Fridges?

Warrior Solar friendly fridge/freezers have been designed with efficiency in mind, to meet the harsh conditions of the Australian climate and place as little strain on your power supply as possible.
With quality SECOP compressors, a very low power draw, tropical "T" rating and a dedicated night function, our Solar range provides you with quality and reliable refrigeration when you need to keep your power usage to a minimum.